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According to the American Dental Association, dental disease and discomfort are frequently overlooked reasons for employee absences and poor work performance.   

Good oral health, achieved in part by regular dental check ups, can help keep employees at work and away from cavities, gingivitis and other serious infections. Smile … Anthem’s dental plans cover a wide range of important dental services, all while controlling costs.  
Anthem offers both a Dental PPO and a Traditional plan for you to choose from.  
Our employer-paid Dental Blue® PPO offers the choice of two plan networks - Dental Blue 100 or Dental Blue 100/200/300. Premiums are based on both the network and the plan option selected. We also offer Dental Blue voluntary (employee-paid) options which give employers the opportunity to offer additional benefits like dental without increasing their costs. So, instead of reducing benefits to control costs, employers have more choices. Dental Blue contracted dentists are credentialed providers and participate in all three Dental Blue networks. Contact your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield sales representative to learn more about our Dental Blue PPO options for large groupand small group.  

Research shows that oral health and overall health are closely related1. Blue Shield offers affordable and comprehensive dental plans to fit your dental needs. And for those looking to combine dental and vision coverage at an affordable rate, we offer Specialty DuoSM package2.Whether you need treatment or want preventive care, it's never too late to get dental or combined dental + vision coverage to help maintain your overall health.

  • Simplicity - Three distinct dental plans and a dental + vision package that offer a range of benefits for all ages living in California with or without a Blue Shield health plan.3
  • Advantage - No waiting periods for annual checkups with a network dentist and no additional charges when using network dentists, including cleanings, X-rays, and oral cancer screening.4
  • Ease - Blue Shield can be your single-source provider for medical and dental, or dental + vision coverage.

HumanaOne Dental plans include*:

  • 100% coverage for many preventive services like cleanings, X-rays and oral exams

  • Discounts on most basic and major services

  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions

  • Large network of dentists and specialists to choose from