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Are you looking for affordable health care for your uninsured child? Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan is a quality health care option that may meet your needs 

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act as supplemented by California law, a child can enroll for individual coverage on a guaranteed-acceptance basis during his or her birth month. California law also establishes other special enrollment periods upon the occurrence of certain qualifying events:

  • Birth or adoption of a child

  • Loss of group coverage

  • Loss of an employer's contribution toward an employee or dependents' coverage

  • Loss of coverage because of a legal separation, divorce, or death of the person through whom the child was covered as a dependent

  • Loss of coverage under the Healthy Families Program, the Access for Infants and Mother’s Program, or the MediCal Program

  • The child becomes a California resident

  • Coverage is mandated by a state or federal court order

In order to qualify for coverage under one of the qualifying events, an application for coverage must be received within 63 days of the qualifying event.

You may also apply for coverage of your child outside of an open enrollment or special enrollment period on a guaranteed-issue basis; however, you may be subject to higher rates. source: Blue Shield of California.

Before applying check for available programs from carriers. Many Health insurance Carriers have either stopped offering the program or have put themon hold. However, There are still some Carriers Offering Child Only Health care Products. 

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